MusicSpring, summer, (and fall and winter) are all times to express joy and exhibit carefree qualities. And it’s okay to be thrilled when your expressions of fun include music. As in…those times when you crank up the tunes and have a dance party (solo or with friends), or those times when you cruise down an open road in a convertible with great music playing and a warm wind blowing.

In middle school, I spent many a carefree spring Saturday afternoon rocking out to the latest Top 40 tunes while getting a suntan in the back yard. And I’ll never forget that spring evening during my junior year of college when a dear friend introduced me to the wonderful world of country music.  I thought I would always dislike country music, but Blake Shelton changed my mind.

So whether you’re looking for Cinco de Mayo party tunes today or you just want to rock out during a solo dance party tonight (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!), consider cranking up the volume for a few delightful new songs that you find on Amazon or Apple iTunes or Napster or Puretracks or PayPlay.FM.

And if you want to keep all those tunes organized for easy reference, consider creating play lists organized by genre and artist (if your MP3 player does not already do this for you). When you find something new that’s music to your ears, go ahead and belt it out! Those carefree, joyful moments are always worth embracing and celebrating.

* Photo by Davinci

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