A reader writes: “Could you do a blog recommending different types of calendars? I am always looking for new ones that help with organizational bliss!”

CalendarCalendars are things of beauty. Truly! They keep us on track, help us to not double-book or miss appointments, remind us of our own and our friends’ memorable occasions, and generally keep the flow of things in order. Some people prefer hard copy calendars. Others swear by e-calendars. And some prefer using a combination. As academic sessions, corporate fiscal years, and post-summer vacation schedules get into full swing, now is the perfect time to assess your calendar situation and what’s available on the market. Following are a few tips for selecting the calendar that will support your version of organizational bliss:

1. Identify what your calendar will track for you. Do you want it to track a general overview of your weekly schedule, monthly “to do” items, or a play-by-play of the activities happening in your life for the next 365 days?

  • If you’d like a general overview of your week, consider electronic and paper calendars or planners that offer a “week at a glance.” These can be especially helpful for students – and anyone who has a changing schedule.
  • For keeping tabs on your monthly to d0s, an electronic calendar is recommended because you can set automatic reminders for monthly activities and one-off appointments.
  • And if you’re seeking a play-by-play approach, an electronic or paper calendar with each date broken into 15-minute intervals is your best option.

Tip: If you’re in school, consider purchasing a calendar designed for the academic year.

2. Select either an electronic or a paper calendar. Both will do the job so let your preference be your guide. I happen to prefer electronic calendars. They’re easy to maintain, they offer automatic reminders, they keep me on track, and they make it easy to reference previous and future activities at the click of a button. They also transfer information to your home computer, work computer, PDA, etc.

That said, paper calendars can be very portable (especially if you don’t have a PDA). They allow you to jot things down (a delightful approach for some people), and with flip of a few pages, you can easily see your previous and upcoming schedule.  Pick the calendar that’s right for you (read: don’t purchase a calendar just because it’s “hip” at the moment). Get the calendar that supports your version of organizational bliss.

3. Give yourself time to adjust to your new calendar. Whether you go the electronic or paper route, be patient with yourself as you find the best ways to use your calendar of choice.

Calendars are a key ingredient for organizational bliss. They provide a simple reminder structure for life’s details. They free up thought so the user does not have to remember whether their haircut is today or next Monday. Calendars focus on the nitty-gritty, freeing you up to focus on expressing peace, harmony, and joy in your daily activities. So take some time to consider your calendar options today. You’ll be glad you did.

* Photo by Geri-Jean Blanchard