Despite the economic challenges in our nation, once again the hubster and I were struck by how strangers went out of their way to help each other this holiday season. From televised segments we saw on the news to acts of kindness we witnessed around town, we were grateful to see how the holiday season seemed to again draw out goodness and an abundance of love all around us with neighbor helping neighbor.

And neighbor helping neighbor is, in part, why this blog exists. Through the tips and ideas that are shared with readers, this blog is written with the intent of simplifying life’s organizable activities so we can focus on the important things, like living more fully the goodness we saw this holiday season; loving others as ourselves; living unselfishly; and, in general, being thoughtful citizens of our communities and the world.

Wishing you much joy on this Christmas Day. Let’s continue to live the true spirit of this holiday season year-round!

* Photo by Dave Dyet

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