Hanging Shoe OrganizerI love shoes as much as the next girl. Heels get my attention during the week and Dansko clogs are often my footwear of choice on weekends. Shockingly enough, I love having an organized shoe collection. In college I was thrilled to discover the joys of cloth shoe holders: over-the-door holders and those that hang from a closet rod. And while in college I realized how those nifty shoe holders can go the extra mile for you long after their shoe-holding careers are over. Following are some ideas for getting the most mileage out of your shoe holders. Perhaps you’ll consider using them to store:

1. Paints, paint brushes, markers, glitter, curling ribbon, beads, jewelery clasps, and other crafting materials.

2. Small games, dolls, or toy collections.

3. Hair brushes, hair products, toiletries, sunscreen, and other items.

4. Gardening gloves, seed packets, lightweight shears,and more.

5. Belts, socks, and a variety of accessories.

Do you use your shoe holders to store something other than shoes? Let us know, and your organizational wisdom could appear in a future blog post!

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