Last Friday night I had the privilege of attending a live performance of Handel’s Messiah at an internationally renowned symphony hall in my neck of the woods. And what a special treat it was to hear this piece performed by fabulous professional musicians! I’ve always loved the Messiah and this recent performance was no exception. It was delightful! The uplifting words and gorgeous music were amazing. The performance was almost entirely sold out, and as I joined the crowds of music lovers walking through the symphony hall doors, I joyfully noted how festive everything was: the poinsettias strategically placed throughout the hall, the women wearing dressy outfits, men and boys in red neck ties, little girls wearing fancy dresses, and the performers in their holiday attire. The ushers were helpful, the attendees were grateful to be there, and every aspect of the evening made my heart sing.

Just as much as I love the Messiah – either hearing it in concert or on CD – I expect that you have favorite holiday music that makes your heart sing. I, for one, also love the holiday tunes sung by Josh Groban, James Taylor, Ella Fitzgerald, Bare Naked Ladies, Michael Buble, and so many other musicians. So how to enjoy holiday music with ease, especially if you have many holiday music CDs or favorite tunes in your music library? Following are three simple tips that could help keep your holiday activities on a high note all season long:

  • Create a Mp3 folder or play list for your holiday music so you can listen to it at your convenience. Gold star for you if you’ve already done this.
  • Store your holiday music CDs with your holiday decorations, or in a place of your choosing that you’ll remember in future years.
  • Mix things up a bit. In addition to playing your favorite tunes on repeat, consider adding at least one new song or album to your holiday music collection each year.

Enjoy the sounds of this season!

* Photo by John Siebert

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