dusterHouse cleaning, which was not one of my favorite chores in yesteryear, has taken on new meaning for me. Spritzing, vacuuming, and scrubbing allows me to get things in order. And I like using the time while cleaning to express gratitude for what I’m sprucing up, and the space in which the hubster and I live. For me, cleaning encourages expressions of freshness. Spring gives way to summer in less than a month, and now is a great time to consider five simple approaches to household cleaning that can save time in the long run and allow for more moments of reflection and relaxation at the beach, by the pool, or in the hammock.

1. Ready to clean? Gather your cleaning products, mop, and other tools in one area. No need to waste time tromping up and down the stairs to get the various scrubbing items you need.

2. Dust first, then vacuum…also known as clean from top to bottom. Mary Poppins and the editors at Real Simple magazine will smile upon you if you follow this approach to cleaning house. And for good reason. The act of dusting first allows dust particles to fall where they may, only to be devoured by a trusty vacuum moments later. Brilliant!

3. Spot clean whenever possible. Spritzing as you go allows you to easily clean new messes instead of taking the time later to scrape away old dirt. It also encourages  putting things away on a daily basis and helps keep clutter to a minimum.

4. Keep recycling bins in your kitchen and home office for easy and earth-friendly disposal of items.

5. Don’t forget spots like the window sills and tops of shelving units. Dusting these takes a few seconds and cuts down on the dust bunnies in your living room.

Have some favorite cleaning tips for a quick spot cleaning adventure or a deep cleaning extravaganza? Share them with us and they could appear in a future blog post!

* Photo by Antonio Jiménez Alonso

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