Make-up BrushesOccasionally, make-up collections need make-overs. ‘Tis true. While this activity may not fit into a standard spring cleaning routine, it is something that you might consider doing every once in awhile. Perhaps our good friends at MAC, Maybelline, and Bare Escentuals have already written books focused on making over your make-up collection. If they’ve done so, and if any of their insights resonate with you, share ’em with us! But today I’m going to share just three quick tips that have helped yours truly, a make-up novice who happens to enjoy freshening her minimalist make-up collection once every blue moon:

1. Replace your mascara every few months. I used to hear this recommendation and think, “How do people remember to do this – especially if they haven’t emptied their mascara bottle and it has been a few months?!” The last time I purchased mascara, the thought came to me that I could just pop a reminder into my e-calendar to replace my mascara a few months down the road. The whole thing took about five seconds and the reminder was there when I needed it. Super simple. Highly recommended.

2. Occasionally purge the items that are empty, never used, or look or smell a little strange. This tip is self-explanatory. As a make-up minimalist, I don’t have zillions of eye shadows hanging around collecting dust. But some friends find it uber helpful to inventory their make-up collections and purge as needed. For me, this tip comes in handy when ejecting those lovely free make-up samples that find their way into our home.

3. Use a mug or vase filled with marbles to hold your make-up brushes. This tip is my personal favorite. Displaying all of the brushes you use helps you keep tabs on when they need to be cleaned – or replaced. A few years ago someone gave me a yellow and pink mug with the word, “Blossom” written on it. It’s a fun mug, but I never seemed to use it when sipping hot chocolate. One day while reveling in the logistical bliss that is my bathroom cabinet, the idea came to thought that the “Blossom” mug would be a perfect holder for my brushes. It is! Plus, its cheerful message and hue make me smile every morning. Simple and fun.

Wishing you magical make-up make-over adventures!

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

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