Car InteriorMany of us zoom around town in our cars (or Zipcars) with some regularity. And for some people, their car is a kitchen, office, grooming facility, and sports equipment hauler on wheels. So how to keep your four-wheeled friend comfy and clutter-free? Hopefully one, some, or all of the following tips will work wonders in your car:

1. Adopt the rule, “what goes in this morning must come out tonight.” Then stick to it. This may feel like tough love at first, but in the long run you’ll be glad you played by this rule. If you place a beverage container in your cup holder this morning, it should not spend the night in your car. The same rule applies to your running shoes, make-up bag, library books, mail, purchases, dry cleaning, etc. Take these items out of your car every night and put them in their designated places in your home. If you have children, encourage them to help out with this process. It’s never too early to teach clutter-free techniques.

2. Keep trash and recycling bags in your car, and empty them every night. If your car doubles as a mini-kitchen, mail sorting center, or a catch-all storage facility for children’s items, the bags designated for trash and recycling will soon be among your closest friends. Encourage yourself and your passengers to make good use of these bags, and then take turns emptying them each night. It’s okay to be thrilled when you see how quickly this simple solution helps declutter your vehicle.

3. Regularly clean the interior and exterior of your car. All vehicles should be cleaned – and doing so regularly with your decluttered car will add to the organizational satisfaction factor while encouraging you and your passengers to continue keeping the vehicle spic ‘n’ span. After all, a car’s shiny exterior just doesn’t mesh with a cluttered interior.

4. If you’d like to store a few items in your car for the long haul, do so in an organized manner. This applies to exciting things like Kleenex, a notepad and pen, extra gloves and sunglasses, a water bottle, an emergency kit (i.e. jumper cables, blanket, band aids, etc.) and a map (for those of us who don’t own a GPS). Maps and folded Kleenex can be stashed in a designated door pocket or two (or the Kleenex box can be stored somewhere central in the car). Sunglasses can be clipped to a holder on your visor, and the notepad and pen will find a great home in the glove compartment. Kits, water bottles, and gloves can be stowed in a designated cloth bag in your vehicle’s trunk to be used when needed. Note that each item has its own assigned place. By keeping these items in their designated places when not in use, you’re sure to keep your car clutter-free.

5. Consider purchasing storage containers for your trunk. The hubster and I don’t currently use these items, but we know people who find that storage baskets are helpful for keeping groceries, soccer balls, and other items from taking over the trunk and back seat. These baskets can also be easily removed when you need to haul larger items.

A clutter-free car helps keep thought organized and peaceful, thereby contributing to organizational bliss. Wishing you peace in all of your decluttered driving adventures.

* Photo by LadyDomini

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