Tape Dispenser I have never appreciated double-sided tape quite as much as I did a few years ago while en route to my brother-in-law’s wedding. Due to my work schedule, the then-fiance-now-hubster and I scooted into town on an early morning flight just in time to get to the wedding ceremony. It was a lovely, very intimate gathering and we were thrilled to be there and rejoice with the happy couple. I had purchased a beautiful dress for the occasion, which I had not worn until that morning. And it was while clip-clopping through an airport (as we all know, high heels and airport concourses aren’t a great combination for several reasons) that I noticed that the hem on my dress was falling down. Literally. The then-fiance-now-hubster marched along through the concourse blissfully unaware of my wardrobe malfunction, and I couldn’t help but double over while laughing. This little situation struck me as hilarious.

Somewhere between my laughing episode and the idea dawning on me that perhaps I should take a practical step or two to fix my hem, the then-fiance-now-hubster had the brilliant idea to ask a vendor if they had tape, a stapler, glue, or any combination thereof. Now, most people I know (yours truly included) do not walk around carrying a roll of tape in their purse. Or a stapler. Or crazy glue. Especially while traveling through airports. But, the need was met when a vendor came through with…drum roll, please…double-sided tape. It was truly a beautiful – and hilarious – moment.

I was recently reminded of this little episode, which still brings a smile to my face. And so today I’d like to touch on four everyday uses for double-stick tape and how it could help you. Hilarity is optional.

  • Double-sided tape helps with fashion fixes of all kinds. If you’re trying to affix clothing to skin, however, opt for wardrobe tape which will probably be a bit gentler on your skin.
  • Gift wrapping will never be the same again, thanks to double-sided tape. ‘Nuff said.
  • Arts and crafts just got even more fun. Sticking macaroni on construction paper is less messy when double-sided tape is involved versus Elmer’s glue.
  • Want to mount something on poster board for the science fair? Creating a special wall-based classroom exhibit? Double-sided tape to the rescue!

* Photo by Nathan Bauer

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