lounge chairsJune has flown by, and amazingly enough, we’re just a few days away from celebrating Independence Day in the United States (cue the flags; red, white, and blue attire; fireworks; bbq fare; and strawberry shortcake). Perhaps you have travel plans or a staycation on your calendar this holiday weekend. Or perhaps you’re planning a picnic or pool party. Or perhaps you plan to have a quiet day as you lay on a hammock with a tall glass of cold lemonade and a stack of books nearby. To maximize your relaxation time during the upcoming holiday weekend, you may find it helpful to take just a few moments to…yes, plan ahead today! As we all know, a little advance planning goes a long way. Perhaps one or both of the following ideas will resonate with you:

1. Consider what absolutely, positively must be accomplished before your relaxation adventures can begin this weekend! Then act accordingly. Do you first need to do laundry or pack luggage or buy groceries? Identify when you can take care of these necessary activities and then take care of them as planned so that you can enjoy relaxation and spontaneity the rest of this holiday weekend.

2. Take a look at what’s on your calendar after the long weekend so that re-entry into your routine adventures is easy. Need to pack a lunch for work on July 5? Is that the day you’ll also need to wear your suit that’s at the dry cleaners? A few moments of advance planning this week will make all the difference next week. (For example, salad fixings purchased later this week will yield a hassle-free lunch come Tuesday. And a quick trip to the dry cleaner this Friday afternoon will allow you to get dressed with ease when you head back to work on Tuesday morning).

And once the necessities are covered, relax and enjoy your three-day weekend!  No to do lists needed in the hammock or at the beach. Cheers!

* Photo by Piotr Bizior

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