onionsAlthough I’ve been able to function in a kitchen since my elementary school days, it was not until a few years ago that I really learned how to cook. Today, cooking is one of the ways that I contribute to our household. It offers opportunities to express creativity and, of course, to test and implement a variety of organization-related ideas. And while working in the kitchen, I have found that the right tools can make all the difference.

A few weeks ago, my pink “onion goggles” arrived in the mail. Very. Big. Deal. After using them for about five seconds, I noted with great joy that I could chop onions without having to wipe my eyes! My onion goggles are quite nifty. In addition to being pink, they’re comfortable and serviceable and they make all the difference in my cooking endeavors.

On day one of using this wonderful invention, I was reminded of how smoothly and successfully our projects can progress when we:

1. identify the tools that we need before we begin our project

2. obtain said tools, and

3. put these tools to good use!

For my cooking activities, the needed tool was onion goggles. For someone else, their needed tool might be a storage bin for the basement, a hanging rack for the garage, or a shoe rack for the kids’ closet. Obtaining the right tools and putting them to use makes all the difference in completing our activities with ease. And the key, of course, is knowing what you need and having it on-hand before you begin your adventure.

Is there a nifty tool that makes a difference in your life? Tell us about it and it could appear in a future blog post!

* Photo by Lavinia Marin

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