utensilsKitchen organization is an ever-evolving adventure. One thing I love about it is just how fluid it is, and how easily we can change things around in our kitchens to meet the needs of the moment. While helping a friend unpack after his move a few years ago, I marveled at how seemingly effortlessly he fit all of his kitchen items into his new space. A glance in his cabinets taught me plenty, and helped the hubster and me to organize our kitchen when we moved a few months later. Recently while cooking in our kitchen I realized what a difference these space-saving ideas have made in our home, and so I share just a few of them today in the hopes that they’ll be helpful in a kitchen near you:

  • Nest similarly sized bowls, pans, and pots. This may seem obvious, but it doesn’t always happen and it really makes a difference.
  • If you have a corner cabinet, consider installing a “lazy Susan” in it to ensure that items stowed in that space are easily accessible
  • Place spices, juice glasses, and small bowls in shorter cabinets
  • Consider placing cooling racks and cookie sheets in a vertical position along the side of a tall cabinet, or keep them flat and store them in the drawer under your oven
  • Consider hanging your pots and pans on hooks on the wall, or from a pot holder installed on your ceiling
  • Store kitchen knives in a wood block holder or on a magnetized wall strip

Happy cooking!

* Photo by ilker


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