April FoolsTomorrow is April Fool’s Day, the first day in April that some refer to as All Fool’s Day. And while you don’t need to run a full-page New York Times ad like Taco Bell did on April 1, 1996, when they jokingly announced that they had purchased the Liberty Bell and renamed it the “Taco Liberty Bell,” you can do plenty of other things to get into the April Fool’s Day spirit. Following are five harmless ideas that could add a lighthearted approach to your April Fool’s Day activities:

1. Institute “backwards day” in your family’s kitchen. For the entire day, do all things culinary a little backwards. Serve dinner for breakfast with dessert first, followed by the main course, and then serve a salad or appetizer last. Of course, use the usual breakfast plates when serving this fare. At the end of the day, offer breakfast for dinner and serve it on dinner plates.

2. If you buy milk in a cardboard carton, use food coloring to dye this beverage a hue of your choice. Nobody will have a clue until it’s time to douse their cereal with it during dinner time.

Tip: Have a cloth at the ready in case some milk gets spilled when the surprise is realized.

3. If you live with family members or housemates, cover their favorite packaged candies or snacks with gag wrappers or joke notes. It’s likely that they’ll continue chuckling when they find these notes long after April Fool’s Day ends.

4. If you have children, consider hosting an April Fool’s party for them and their friends. The menu should follow the backwards theme mentioned above, and game ideas could include:

  • Simon Says – during which participants do the opposite of Simple Simon’s commands
  • Hide and Seek – during which the hiders are actually the seekers, and the seeker better have great hiding skills
  • Spelling Bee – during which participants must spell the words backwards

5. Mix up your routine by doing things a little differently. This will be unique from one household to the next, so think through what routine approaches you could modify for a day that won’t throw the entire week off kilter. Then act accordingly and enjoy the process. Who knows?! You may find that you like this approach better, and it could become the standard routine in your household.

If you’re looking for a twist on the usual April Fool’s Day activities, hopefully one of the aforementioned ideas will resonate with you.

* Photo by Jonathan Eggers

Hi, Eda,

Thanks for checking with the Board re: both those post-lecture thank you notes. I look forward to the response.

I’ve attached the flier for the lecture. Stephen said that we’d need to get it to the printer this Tuesday morning (3/16) at the latest if it will be ready to hand-out to our members at the Lecture Prep meeting on Thursday evening.

Is it possible for the Board to review and approve the flier by Monday night? That would be SO helpful! Also, it’d be very helpful if you could reply to me and Stephen simultaneously with the Board’s review comments/approval so that Stephen can move forward with things even if I don’t have access to personal email on Monday…

Hope you’re enjoying your evening!

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